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Phil Berthoud

Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin


Born in Zimbabwe, Phil first took up the guitar aged 14, teaching himself by learning rock and pop songs. In his early 20’s, he discovered Irish traditional music and took up fiddle and mandolin.


He’s played with many bands over the years in London, Brighton and Devon. Since moving to the south-west in 2002, Phil has concentrated on teaching and writing, as well as performing.


He has had a number of instruction books published on fiddle, mandolin and guitar playing, which are available internationally. He is also a regular contributor to the excellent Fiddler Magazine.  


Phil is known for his fast and fiery fiddle and guitar playing which draws on folk, rock and jazz influences.


Phil plays in Stringing Along with Mahrey, a duo that plays in rest homes for the elderly.

He also performs as a solo guitarist and is available as a freelance fiddle player.

For more info on any of the above, see Phil's website at

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