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Our new album, "When Two Rivers Meet" is now finished and awaiting launch when the world is back to normal!

Watch this space for more details in the future.

album cover front.png


  1. The B3212/The Hairy Hands of Postbridge

  2. The Buckland Clock

  3. The Brighton Polka/The Halfpenny Polka

  4. A Ship Came Sailing

  5. The Empty Chair

  6. The Ballad of Semmerwater

  7. When Two Rivers Meet 

  8. Sweet Rosalie

  9. Rhianna’s Waltz/Emerald Jig/Louis’ Reel

  10. Bonny at Morn

  11. The Haytor Polka/Old Adam the Poacher

  12. Just One Kiss

  13. The Ghost/The Skeleton in the Cupboard

  14. Ruth Ellis

  15. Irish Reels

  16. Rough Music Tonight

Audio Preview
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